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Canvas Bootcamp
Spend a half-day getting to know Canvas up-front.

Assignments & Grading
Learn about the types of assignments, weighted assignment groups, SpeedGrader and the Gradebook.


Gradebook Deep-Dive
Take a deep-dive to explore the details of the Gradebook settings, features and shortcuts to grade more efficiently. In this session, you will learn how to create and organize assignments, modify advanced features for assignments, set up the gradebook, change grade calculations, comment on assignments through the gradebook, and hide and share grades

Quizzes (Classic and New)
The New Quiz engine in Canvas provides additional question types, more quiz grading options, and other quiz feature enhancements. Participants will learn how to create assessments using the New Quizzes features, item banks, scoring answers, and more.


Beginning Rubrics
Improve student work, provide quality feedback, and save time grading with rubrics.

Rubrics and Outcomes
Improve student work, provide quality feedback, and save time grading with rubrics. Also, learn how to embed Learning Outcomes into existing rubrics to generate Learning Mastery feedback.

Reporting and Analytics
Learn how to access Canvas course reports, interpret student course interaction, and more.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Illustrator Introduction
Learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator

Learning the basics of Audition
Participants will learn the basic layout and controls of Adobe Audition. In addition, participants will learn about destructive and non-destructive editing, layering sounds, managing levels, and exporting to different formats.

Taking Audition to the Next Level
Participants will learn the basics of audition as well as how to use it with other programs like Premiere.  In addition, participants will learn more advanced steps like removing noise and mixing for 4.1 sound.


YuJa 1.0 – Getting Started with YuJa
Learn how to access YuJa from Canvas, create a recording, manage your media, edit your YuJa videos and share your media.

YuJa 2.0 – Video Quizzes and Viewing Activity
Learn how to create and grade different types of YuJa video quizzes, access & interpret activity logs, enable and manage comments, and more.


Office365 Efficiencies
Learn how to use features of Office365 within your Canvas course. 


MS Teams

Team 101: All About Teams
Class Team, Staff Team, PLC Team, Anyone Team. Which Team is the right Team?
An in-depth look into the types of teams, their features, and best practices for each. Learn the basiscs of communicating and collaborating in Microsoft Teams like how to assign member roles and to organize information in your team using channels, tabs and more. Click this link to view Teams 101 details. 

Team 201: More About Teams
Master the advanced features of Microsoft Teams!
Learn about meeting settings and accessibility features, breakout rooms, and adding apps and shared calendars to efficiently collaborate and communicate. Locate and share your teams content within Microsoft’s SharePoint. Click this link to view more Teams 201 details. 

Cypress High-Performance Computing

Introduction to Cypress: A High Performing Computing Solution 
A supercomputer is a type of HPC solution that uses parallel processing to perform multitasking capabilities, enabling it to process calculations at a much faster speed than a traditional computer. This introductory workshop teaches TU researchers how to run data software and algorithms simultaneously on Cypress to synthesize large data sets or conduct process-intensive computing.

Pre-Workshop Requirements:

  • Linux, Mac, Windows 8 or 10 operating system (OS) Windows 7 or earlier is not compatible.
  • Cypress account If you do not have a Cypress account, let us know on the registration form. We can provide participants with a temporary account for the training.
  • Review the setup videos in advance of the workshop. 
Unsure which OS you have? Have questions about the workshop? Need assistance troubleshooting in advance? Contact our HPC team, hpcadmin@tulane.edu.
Stay tuned for the next Cypress HPC workshop series.
Click this link for more about Cypress High Performance Computing details.

Hypothes.is (Online Annotation) 

Using Multimedia & Tags in Annotations
This workshop walks you through how to increase engagement by adding multimedia and tags in annotations.

Using Hypothesis with Small Groups
This workshop focuses on the options for using Hypotheis in small groups, and it covers how social annotation can be used to reate a more collaborative learning environment


Designing a Survey
Learn how to confidently design a survey, based on best practice methodologies, and configure survey logic and settings to create a personalized experience.

Launching a Survey
Learn the methods of distribution available within Qualtrics, and which distribution methods best suit your needs.


Reporting in Qualtrics
Learn how to design and customize your reports and dashboards to effectively tell a story.


Respondus LockDown Browser & Monitor

Box Cloud

Box Sponsored Webinars
For a full listing of live and on-demand webinars offered by Box, please click this link.

Box Sponsored Demos and Use-Cases
For product demos and use cases offered by Box, please click this link.


Schedule, Manage and Capture Video Recordings
Learn how ShareStream’s Capture Scheduler app enables you to manage course recordings, student media assignments, and other media content embedded in your course.


Turnitin (Feedback Studio)