Canvas Course Roles

Effective Spring 2021

Academic courses with assigned faculty and student enrollments are populated directly from the Banner registration feeds. The Teacher and the Student course roles are reserved for the official instructor(s) of record and students of record in a Tulane course. All additional members of the course that are manually assigned should use one of the following recommended roles based on the type of interaction in the course.

Official Canvas Roles Associated with the Course Evaluation Process

Role Name Added to Course Description Example
Teacher Banner Feeds Only Instructor(s) of record in Banner
Included in the course evaluation process
Actual instructor(s) assigned to the course in Banner
Student Banner Feeds Only Student registered for the course in Banner
Included in the course evaluation process
Actual student registered for the course in Banner
TA Manually Added to the course by the instructor
Can be included in the course evaluation process
Graduate or Undergraduate Teaching Assistant hired by the instructor

Additional Canvas Roles

Role Name Added to Course Description Example
Instructor Focused Roles
Facilitator Manually Faculty, Staff or Affiliate assisting with leading a course in Canvas, manually added by an account admin; Equivalent to Teacher role Use this for a co-teacher, including instructors of workshops, training courses and organization or department courses, and program staff
Co-Educator Manually Affiliates who help facilitate a course, can view course content but cannot view course grades Use this for a subject matter expert or community liaison related to the course
Supplemental Instructor Manually Equivalent to TA without grading Use this for a faculty colleague reviewing a course, or a student course assistant with non-grading capacity, or academic learning and tutoring center SI leaders
Student Focused Roles
Participant Manually Equivalent to student, used for manually created courses, like workshops, centers, organizations within the University, non-traditional courses Use this for students in a workshop or training course, or other courses requiring a student-type role
Peer Mentor Manually Upperclass students affiliated with the TIDES Peer Mentor program; no access to grades; see also: Use this only for students in the TIDES Peer Mentor Program
Instructional Support Focused Roles
(Course) Designer Manually Instructional Designers assisting with course builds; equivalent to Teacher without grades; Affiliates, Faculty or Staff only Use this for instructional designers, course design partners, Program Coordinators, Staff associated with the course
Educ Media Asst Manually Tulane students only, equivalent to Designer role; no access to course grades Use this for course designers /interns who are also students at Tulane
Observer Manually Manually added and associated with a student user in the course; Observers can be linked to a student or multiple students and view the student’s data in the course. Use this for academic advisors, Goldman Center support

The following roles are no longer in use and will be discontinued: OrgMember and OrgLeader