Student Squad for Academic Support

The Course Experience Assistant (CEA) program is a team of Tulane students trained in instructional technologies, ranging from the classroom media equipment, such as cameras and microphones, to ed tech software, such as Zoom and Canvas.

CEAs provide on demand support for faculty with issues in and out of the classroom. During a typical semester, CEAs troubleshoot audio/visual equipment in a class when there is an issue. A CEA can likewise aid with general questions about Canvas, Zoom, and other instructional technologies offered at Tulane.

Outside of on demand support, CEAs are constantly checking the tech enhanced classrooms and performing robust quality assurance measures to ensure that the classrooms are in proper working order.


The student squad is an opportunity to pair students who are seeking continued university employment, in this new COVID remote working culture, with faculty and departments requesting assistance via the roles identified in this program. Students meeting all employment eligibility requirements are encouraged to apply.

  • Expand student employment opportunities for the transition to the online and hybrid centered classroom.
  • Provide “in-class” faculty support to manage meeting functions, chat and interactions, and moderate Zoom waiting room and class meetings.
  • Organize and edit course content to align more closely with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and accessible course delivery standards.

How to Apply ?

Zoom Producer and Educational Media Assistant

Students inquire with your department(s) and/or login to Handshake to view available positions.

Classroom Experience Assistant

If you are interested in applying in the Classroom Experience Assistant, please complete the interest form. You will be contacted for an interview if a position becomes available.


Zoom Producer

This role assists the instructor (host) in managing administrative aspects of the Zoom meeting/class. The producer can be designated as the Host, Alternative Host and Co-Host in the Zoom meeting.

The producer may interact with courses by:

  • Providing logistical instructions
  • Managing breakout rooms and polls
  • Admit participants in waiting rooms
  • Moderate chat


Educational Media Assistant

This role assists faculty with editing course material and audiovisual content. This may include captioning or editing videos, organizing media catalogs and scanning course material for accessibility standards. The media assistant can be designated as the Educ Media Asst role in a Canvas course.

The media assistant may interact with content by:

  • Reviewing for accessibility (using software tool);
  • Creating accessible PDFs from existing documents.
  • Identifying permalinks to library-provided digital content such as articles, book chapters, and eBooks and generating citations


Classroom Experience Assistant

This role is designed to assist faculty with the nuances of the classroom in the first few weeks of the semester. Therefore, it is considered a short-term position. However, students in this role could transition into a Zoom producer and/or Educational Media assistant. The experience assistant can be stationed in the hallways of buildings where classes are offered and is aligned with the building/room assignments.

The experience assistant may interact with faculty by:

  • Assisting with classroom equipment training
  • Being visibly stationed throughout buildings where classes are offered, hallways
  • Directing flow of foot traffic entry/exit from classrooms

Student Squad Training Course

Students who have completed the hiring process and have been referred for training by their hiring manager must enroll in the self-paced Student Squad Training Course and complete the Modules applicable to the role in which they have been hired.

Students in the Zoom Producer role can either attend in-person training or complete the self-paced Zoom Producer module in the training course. The Zoom Producer must complete the exit ticket in the training course upon completion. Click the link below to register for access to the training course.

Have questions about the hiring process? Contact the Office of Student Employment.

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