Classroom Equipment & Technology

Tulane’s main campus (uptown) classrooms have been outfitted for faculty to easily run a technology enhanced classroom experience. Below is a list of the available equipment found in classrooms across the uptown campus.

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Classroom Best Practices

  1. Manage your class Zoom meeting through Canvas and on the classroom computer if you have remote students
  2. Do not walk away with your microphone. Make sure the lavalier microphone is placed back on its charging port at the end of every class.
  3. Use the document camera rather than the whiteboard if you have remote students.
  4. Check in with any remote students to make sure the audio is coming through clearly
  5. If applicable, print out your presenter notes for PowerPoint or view them on another device (phone, tablet)
  6. Share content from a personal device to the class Zoom meeting using
  7. If there is an issue with your room, call 988-8888 opt 4

Distribute Course Materials and Readings

Problem Solution
No image in Zoom when the camera is powered on Power down the camera using the device or remote available and turn it back on
Confidence monitor will not power on from Lectern Controller
  • Press the Display On button quickly twice in a row
  • If still not turning on, locate the monitor remote to power on
Confidence monitor is a mirrored display instead of an extended display
  • Press the Display On button quickly twice in a row
  • If still not turning on, locate the monitor remote to power on
Display On does not power on all display devices
  • Press the Display On button two times in quick succession
  • Wait 20 seconds for the devices to go through their power cycle.
  • If still having difficulties, power on each device using their respective remotes
Power On or Off on the Document camera is not responsive
  • Press the power button twice in quick succession
Image is flipped or backwards in Zoom
  • Select the carat on the Start/Stop video icon in Zoom
  • Select video settings
  • Under “My Video” uncheck “Mirror my video”
Microphone cannot be heard in the Zoom call
  • Verify the microphone is turned on
  • Click on the carat icon next to the Mic button in zoom
  • Verify the microphone is for “same as system”
  • Open the Audio/Playback Device and verify that it is set to the Extron Scaler or TesiraForte in temporary structures.

Classroom Cameras, Monitors & Computers

  • Faculty Facing PTZ Camera: Adjustable high definition camera captures professor for broadcast over Zoom. hese cameras are adjustable and can zoom in on specific parts of the room as designated by the professor. IT will provide standard presets for each room. More information can be found here.
  • Student Facing PTZ Camera: Adjustable high definition camera captures class for broadcast over Zoom. Same as above but positioned to broadcast the in room students to their remote peers.
  • Confidence Monitor: Rear or side mounted display for viewing remote student “Brady Bunch” view over Zoom.
  • Document Camera: Used to share documents or written notes over Zoom – whiteboard for remote students. The Epson DC-21 will allow document camera images to be broadcast over Zoom.
    More information can be found here
  • Touch Monitor with Mount: Used for annotation to broadcast over Zoom
  • PC with Keyboard and Mouse: In room PC controls Zoom meetings – all Zoom meetings should be hosted from the in room PC
  • YuJa Hardware Recorder: Lecture capture device that will be setup to automatically record classes
    More info can be found here
  • PTZ Camera with Tripod: Cameras for Classroom in a Box that will not be mounted on the wall. Same camera as above.
  • PTZ – pan, tilt, zoom

Classroom Microphones

  • Ceiling Microphones: Microphones will be mounted in the ceiling and wired into the classroom PC for use with Zoom to broadcast in-class students’ audio over Zoom.
  • Faculty Lapel Mic: For faculty audio over Zoom and voice reinforcement in room.
  • Wireless Mics with Stands: Microphones to be used by students in the classroom so remote students can hear their questions. These will be positioned around the room for students to walk up to.
  • Crowd Mics: Mobile device app that allows students to use their mobile devices as personal microphones. Click HERE for more information.

Additional Components

  • YuJa Software (non-automated): Lecture capture software installed where YuJa hardware does not exist
  • USB-C Adapters: Available for Mac connection
  • Laptop Connection: Some rooms will have a laptop connection for local display only (not over Zoom)
  • Projector: Standard in room projector and screen

Questions, Concerns, Suggestions

For questions, concerns, or suggestions about this guide, email the team at