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Troubleshooting Technlogy

As we begin teaching and learning online we may come across a number of snags along the way in dealing with different technologies. Below are a list of tips to help troubleshoot some common issues.

What to do When Your Technology Glitches

If your technology is not working the ways you expect it to, try these trouble-shooting tips:

If you’re in an uptown classroom, please locate a Classroom Experience Support Squad specialist in a Tulane Blue or Yellow vest.

1. Use a different browser, or update your browser. If you are having trouble logging-in, viewing particular options/ buttons, or displaying images try Google Chrome or Firefox. Recommend to your students that they not use Safari for Canvas, for example, as they may have trouble viewing images or videos.

2. Restart your computer. If you join a Zoom meeting and your audio is not working, leave the meeting and restart your computer. Make it a practice to shut down your computer at least once a week to ensure smooth operations.

3. Clear your history. Your browser history and cookie cache can cause glitches with Zoom sign-in and other functions.

4. Try once, twice, three times. Persistence can pay off. For example, if you are trying to manually set the start of your class time in the Zoom scheduler and it doesn’t work on the first or second try, try again.

5. Consider a low tech option. Most of the time our technology runs smoothly, but problems will arise. If your tech isn’t working there is often a low tech work around.

6. Have a back up plan. Even when you system is working fine, your power or internet provider may not be. Have a back up plan.

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Teach Anywhere Office Hours

These are open office hours for faculty to meet with the CELT and ILC staff. We will be holding consulting hours for you to drop in online and work with us directly on your course content.

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