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Our goal is to create a hub for students (and parents) to easily find important resources for navigating life at Tulane in the event of a major campus closure. This will include anything from classroom experience and technology to campus community and student services.

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Getting Started

  • Get details about the closure or event: Campus closures or emergencies will be reported through Tulane Emergency so that is a good place to look for information, including estimates of how long you may need to teach your course online.
  • Check with your school and/or department: Your instructor, school, or department may issue recommendations, guidelines and policies specific to the school or course about their expectations and requirements for classes. Visit Schools/Colleges FAQ page for details.
  • Recommended devices: Most devices are compatible to Tulane’s assortment of software applications as long as your device is running on a Windows 10 or Mac OS operating system. However, we highly discourage the use of Chromebooks due to many compatibility issues we have encountered with our software solutions. To learn more about recommended devices or to purchase a computer, visit Technology Connection, our campus tech store.
  • Communicate with your instructor right away: Even if you don’t yet have a plan in place, communicate with your instructor as soon as possible about any questions or concerns related to your coursework. Closely monitor your email or Canvas (Tulane’s learning management system).
  • Remain calm and be flexible: As you plan to participate in online instruction, You will likely have to make changes in the way you interact with your classroom environment. Allow yourself time to join your class a few moments before it begins and find a location with few interruptions if possible.
  • Review your course schedule to determine priorities: Your instructor may need to modify the syllabus and course requirements during this period. Your instructor will provide an update, so please check your course for announcements and pay close attention to revised due dates and assignments.

Canvas Learning Management System (LMS)

Canvas, Tulane’s LMS, offers integrated tools to complete your online and in-person coursework. There are multiple tutorials within Canvas to help you get familiar with Tulane’s learning tools like Canvas, Zoom, and Respondus Test Monitoring Software. Faculty, schools, and departments may also post important announcements in Canvas. Students can access lecture recordings through Canvas if they were absent from a class or need to review a lecture again for notes. There are lots of helpful resources throughout this software, and we highly encourage students to spend time becoming familiar navigating the tool.

Zoom Video Conferencing

Zoom is Tulane’s video web conferencing application and is available through the web or desktop applications. All Tulane students have a Zoom Pro or Zoom for Healthcare account. Zoom is how students attend course sessions remotely, as well as host their own meetings with their peers and colleagues. Note: When you sign into Zoom for the first time, you will be prompted to install the Zoom app to your device. We recommend you install the desktop application and the Outlook plug-in to best manage your meetings and classes.

Goldman Center for Student Accessibility

Academic requests for accessibility accommodations will continue to be managed by the team at the Goldman Center. Please consult with your Academic Advisor or the Goldman Center if you have questions about your existing accommodation or require new accommodations as we transition to the online classroom. View the FAQ details.

Information Technology (IT)

Tulane IT provides a variety of technology services and products to help support and enhance your online and in-person learning experience. View the IT Campus Reopening Guide to learn more about how to access and setup the software and services available to students. For assistance, contact the IT Service Desk, http://support.tulane.edu. Use your TU username and password to log in to the support portal.

Office of Student Success

Remote learning presents a new set of challenges. The Office of Student Success encourages you to use their resources to assist with your academic journey at Tulane. Visit the Virtual Learning Student Support page for additional information.

Experiencing issues with online courses? Please fill out the Online Remote Student Support Form to help mitigate any academic issues. Keep in mind:

  • Your concern will not be anonymous and will be shared with your professor, the department, or IT when you are unable to connect with those resources.
  • This form is not meant to replace communication with your professor through their office hours. It should only be used when you have tried to communicate about the issue with your professor or otherwise, and have failed to receive a response.


Questions, Concerns, Suggestions

For questions, concerns, or suggestions about this guide, email the team at teachanywhere@tulane.edu.