In some cases, you may be teaching a course with multiple sections. For example, HIST-1010-01 and HIST-1010-02. Instructors teaching multiple sections of a course are able to Cross-list the sections into a single course; keeping the student enrollment separate, while having both sections access a single Canvas course. This enables an instructor to post announcements, upload files, and create new assignments in a single Canvas course.

In Canvas, instructors can merge multiple sections to share content and still manage sections separately using the Cross-List section tool.

  • Identify which section will be the PARENT course and which section will be the CHILD course.
  • Login to Canvas and navigate to the Settings tab for the CHILD course.
  • Locate the Sections tab and Edit Section.
  • Modify the Section Name to include the section number (or unique identifier, Ex. Sec02) and click to Update Section.
  • The CHILD course is ready to cross-list with the PARENT course.
  • Select the Cross-List Course button from the section menu.
  • In the search field, type in the Course ID of your PARENT course and select the course from the list.
  • Click Cross-List this Section and the CHILD course is now merged with the PARENT course.
  • Follow these steps to cross-list any additional CHILD sections with the PARENT section.


This video will explain the steps required to Cross-list Courses within Canvas.