Teach Anywhere Toolkit

How To’s & Tools

Try to rely on tools and workflows that are familiar to you and your students, introducing new tools only when absolutely necessary. An array of different tools have been assembled to help engage students in distance learning and meet course learning objectives.

Preparing for Alternative Course Delivery

An array of different tools have been assembled to help you move your classes online, engage students in distance learning, and meet course learning objectives. Below is a link to our Readiness Quiz which will help you identify specific issues and solutions relevant to your particular courses.

Many of the actions you will likely want to take will be implemented through Canvas. It serves as a powerful hub, providing access to a number of tools for communicating, teaching, and assessing online. Many of the links below are attached to our self-paced Canvas 101 course. You can choose to Enroll in the course to have easier access to the course and all its documentation. Log in to Canvas here.

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Strategies and Resources

Teach Anywhere Workshops

Prep Tips for Faculty Administering Online Final Exams

Canvas Resources

Note: You may be prompted to login with your Tulane credentials to access some of the links listed below. 

Technology Enhanced Classroom Resources

  • Both Zoom and YuJa allow for students to create and upload recordings to complete media-based assignments.
  • Support your class meetings using the Zoom Canvas Tool.
  • YuJa allows you to prerecord lectures and screencasts and distribute them to your students via Canvas.
  • Transition Turning Point licenses to mobile app from clickers and still capture graded response feedback.
  • While teaching online, academic integrity can be challenging, use Turnitin to monitor the originality of student submissions.

Traditional and Alternative Online Assessment Tools

Reasonable assessment alternatives to traditional testing exist for most courses across diverse disciplines, format and size. In fact, the alternatives may promote student learning and be a more authentic way for students to demonstrate what they have learned at higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy (synthesis, analysis, evaluation). Learn more at: Teach Anywhere: Traditional and Online Assessment Tools. 

Respondus Lock-Down Browser & Monitor for Assessments

LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor protect the integrity of both proctored and unproctored online exams. Training is strongly recoommended for instructors to be successful in using LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor.

Training videos and resources are provided in the application itself, and we strongly encourage faculty to attend a training session provided by online Respondus.

Guides: What is Respondus LockDown Browser?

Virtual Computer Lab Access

VMWare Horizon Virtual Desktop 

Virtual computer lab access is available to all faculty, staff, and students through the VMWare Horizon Virtual Desktop. Use the guide linked here to install. 


Statistical Software Access

SPSS, SAS, and Mathematica are free to download for all faculty, staff, and students through this transition. Download the package through this site: https://tulane.onthehub.com


Online Training Tools


Geared for higher education institutions to deliver training in four key areas: teaching and development, research, studying, and support and wellbeing. Use your Tulane account to get started.. www.epigeum.com


Other Resources


Questions, Concerns, Suggestions

For questions, concerns, or suggestions about this guide, email the team at teachanywhere@tulane.edu.