Below you will find the outlines of the in person training sessions. Everything that was covered in the session will be linked to an individual guide explaining how to accomplish a topic. Use this page as a resource and come back to it anytime you need to.


  • What’s an LMS?
  • Navigate to Canvas
  • Log-in
  • Layout
  • Customizing the Dashboard
  • Sending Messages


  • The Course Interface
  • The Course Home Page
  • Creating, Editing, Moving, and Deleting Announcements
  • Course Messages
  • Using the Course Menu
  • Toggling Edit Mode Off and On
  • Building Content
  • Assignments
  • Grading
  • Using Student Preview
  • Navigating the Control Panel

Grade Center

  • Creating a Calculated Column
  • Using Selected Options from the Manage Menu
  • Using Options from the Reports Menu
  • Using Options from the Work Offline Menu
  • Grading Assignments with Inline Grading Tools
  • Navigating the Inline Grading Interface
  • Viewing, Grading, Clearing, and Ignoring Attempts
  • Overriding Grades