Coming Soon to a Canvas Course Near You 

As Canvas helped us to announce at Tech Day, the New Gradebook is slated to replace the current default gradebook at the end of this term. Tulane will adopt the New Gradebook in Canvas beginning January 2020. If you use Canvas for grading today, then many of the features you already use will still be available. The new Canvas gradebook includes enhanced features for viewing and managing grades, and easier access to menu options. Please check out the resources below to help you prepare for this transition. 


Why are we switching to the new gradebook? 

Canvas LMS is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) plaform. Subtle enhancements are implemented over time, followed by periods of major updates. Prior to this launch, faculty could choose to opt-in and use the new gradebook in our instance of Canvas. However, the development of the new gradebook is beyond beta and every Canvas platform will be formally updated to the new gradebook version. 


What has changed? 

Several key features have been updated to make it easier to enter grades for students and view their graded status. Grades for each assignment can be viewed using multiple filters. The additon of a late policy tab allows you to apply designated late policies for an assignment. A new feature to manually override the final calculated grade in Canvas has been made available. To view a more comprehensive comparison of features, please click the links below. 


What do I need to do?

Nothing is required in your current gradebook. However, if you are prepping for your future courses, then you can turn on the new gradebook in your courses if you prefer. The Canvas gradebook will be updated to the new version for your spring courses even if you do not enable it at this time. 

If you would like to take advantage of the new look and features as you prepare your spring courses, then you have the option to enable the New Gradebook for your courses. Follow these steps to turn on the New Gradebook:

  • Click Settings in your course
  • Choose the Feature Options tab
  • Click the button to the right of the New Gradebook to turn it on (lights green)
  • Changes are automatically saved
  • Click the Grades tab in your course menu to see the changes. 


How do I register for training?

You can register for New Gradebook training at


Still have more questions? 

Please reach out to the Canvas team at for more in-depth questions. Thank you!