GradeHub is a cloud-based test grading platform that can check and grade multiple choice questions.  It can be used for any class or any professor, allowing students to access and analyze their grades in a central location.  Students can download and print answer sheets specific to their exam and class, and then the professor will upload them for grading either through the app or any scanner, not a specific scantron.  GradeHub for Instructors Guide [Download PDF]

Create GradeHub Assignment

Step 1. Create a new Assignment in your Canvas course. Submission Type is an External Tool. Select GradeHub for Canvas from the list of tools. 

Step 2. Change Assign to from Everyone to the Course Section(s) that will be assigned the test. If all students are included, then select the section that represents all students in the course. 

Step 3. Save and Publish your assignment. GradeHub will then automatically create answer sheets for all of the students in the class. 


Edit Answer Key 

Step 1. After you Save and Publish your GradeHub assignment, you will need to define the Answer Key. Select Edit Answer Keys to set up the answer key or import the answer key(s). 

Step 2. In the Answer Keys window, select or input the correct answer for each question. If you are using multiple answer keys, be sure to input the correct answer for each corresponding answer key.

Step 3. Click Save to apply your changes. 

Optional. Click the toggle menu for Advanced + options to set up additional grading features. Advanced options include multiple correct answers, zero or weighted points, penalties for incorrect answers, and extra credit or partial credit. 

Grade Answer Sheets

Step 1. Students can print answer sheets and bring them to class after the answer key has been edited. Alternatively, instructors can print blank answer sheets to distribute in class. The answer sheets are printed with a unique bar code that identifies each student or each unique answer sheet. 

Step 2. After the exam is complete, scan all completed answer sheets and Upload them to the GradeHub assignment in the course. GradeHub software will auto-grade the answer sheets, analyze the exam results, and assign grades. 

Have more questions or need additional help? View GradeHub KnowledeBase