GradeHub is a cloud-based test grading platform that can check and grade multiple choice questions.  It can be used for any class or any professor, allowing students to access and analyze their grades in a central location.  Students can download and print answer sheets specific to their exam and class, and then the professor will upload them for grading either through the app or any scanner, not a specific Scantron.  This allows for faster and easier test-taking and grading and saves the student time and money since answer sheets are not purchased. GradeHub for Students Getting Started Guide [Download PDF]

Download and Print Answer Sheets

Step 1. Log in to your Canvas course and click on the assignment for your upcoming exam.

Step 2. Select the PDF icon to download and print your answer sheet(s). GradeHub prepares two (2) answer sheets for each student. Each answer sheet has a unique bar code specific to each student. Blank answer sheets provided by the instructor also have a unique bar code indicator.

Step 3. Check your answer sheet and ensure it is printed correctly for proper scoring. Bring your answer sheet to class and submit it to your instructor when the exam is complete.


Have more questions or need additional help? View GradeHub KnowledeBase