Microsoft Teams is a platform that combines workplace chat, meetings, notes, and attachments. Teams is available through Tulane’s Office 365 subscription and features integration with Microsoft Office applications and App extensions like Box cloud storage and Zoom video conferencing. Teams is accessible through your Office 365 web-based login, as well as the desktop client. Team is also available through the mobile App.

Microsoft Teams Getting Started Guide [Download/View]

First, log in to your Office365 account to access Teams ( Next, click on the blue Office365 Apps icon in the top-left corner; then select Teams from the menu list. Finally, after you have selected Teams from the menu list, the Teams App will launch in your browser.

Teams are comprised of people in your Organization who collaborate on projects with each other

  1. The Teams menu displays recent Activity and access to Chat, meetings and upcoming calls.
  2. Each team has its own Members and Channels.
  3. In Channels, you can hold meetings, have conversations and work on files together.
  4. The Tabs at the top of your Channel link to your files, apps and services related to the Channel.


In order to Create a New Team, select Join or Create Team at the bottom of your Teams list. Before joining Members to your Team, we recommend informing Members of your intent to create and join them to a team. When you join a Member to a Team, they will receive an email invitation.