turningpoint8-logoAs of the Fall 2018 semester, we are transitioning from TurningPoint Cloud to TurningPoint 8. There are some neat new features, but the transition also requires a little bit of preparation before you get started. 

The newest version of the TurningPoint software has simplified the participant list process. Participant lists are now called Courses. After you’ve made the connection to your Canvas courses, the latest participant information will be pulled from Canvas via our normal server cycle. When you open the software the next time, it will automatically pull that day’s information. 

The upgrade from Turning Point Cloud to Turning Point 8 was necessary to maintain ongoing use and support for the Turning Point product. The software at the lecterns in general pool classrooms and technology-supported spaces has been upgraded to Turning Point 8 as of the start of Fall 2018 semester. Instructors will need to upgrade their laptops and office computers from Turning Point Cloud to Turning Point 8 in order to avoid incompatibility issues with Session files. Students will still be able to use their same Turning Point clickers.

TurningPoint Downloads

turningpoint desktop imageThe TurningPoint desktop software allows you to collect polling results and manage related content either to your computer, TurningPoint receiver or USB drive. The desktop software also enables polling on top of PowerPoint and integrates your session results and participant lists with your associated Canvas courses. Click the link below to download the software version for your operating system (Mac and PC are both available). The downloads page will open in a new browser window. 
View Available Downloads: https://www.turningtechnologies.com/downloads/turningpoint-desktop/

TurningPoint Webinars At-Your-Desk

Register for and attend an interactive TurningPoint training webinar at-your-desk. Classes are offered multiple times per week and are typically one hour in length. Individual sessions are available and cover PowerPoint Polling, Anywhere Polling and Self-Paced Polling. For a complete webinar schedule and to register, please click the link below. The webinar schedule will open in a new browser window. 
View schedule and register: https://www.turningtechnologies.com/turningpoint/turningpoint-desktop/training-webinars/

Self-Paced Video Tutorials

Many features are available within TurningPoint, those include PowerPoint polling and Anywhere Polling. To learn more best practice tooltips related to TurningPoint features, please click the link below to access self-paced video tutorials for both PC and MAC operating systems. To view the self-paced video tutorials please click the link below. The video listing will open in a new browser window. 
View self-paced video tutorials: https://www.turningtechnologies.com/turningpoint/turningpoint-desktop/video-tutorials/ 

Additional information about TurningPoint use-cases paired with common learning theories can be found in the learning library. Theories include: gamification, learning assessments, agile teaching, enhanced lectures, engagement, active learning, flipped classroom, PBLs or team-based learning, feedback and peer instruction. To view the learning library please click the link below. The learning library page will open in a new browser window.
View more information from the TurningPoint’s learning library: https://www.turningtechnologies.com/education/learning-theories/

TurningPoint User Guides  

TurningPoint is available across multiple platforms on both computers and mobile devices. In addition, TurningPoint clickers are available for purchase from the Tulane Bookstore or online through your TurningPoint Account Store. User Guides are available to help troubleshoot common issues. To view the user guides please click the link below. The user guides will open in a new browser window. 
View user guides: https://help.turningtechnologies.com/