My instructor has set up an exam in my Canvas course and the exam requires Respondus LockDown Browser. What do I need to take an exam using LockDown Browser?

Before you take the exam:

  • Download and Install LockDown Browser
  • Students should plan to install LockDown browser before the day of the exam/assessment.
  • The amount of time required to install Respondus LockDown browser is typically 5-10 minutes.
  • Respondus LockDown browser cannot be used on mobile devices or tablets. 

When you are ready to take the exam:

  • Open LockDown Browser on your computer.
  • In the address bar enter: > click the Respondus LockDown Browser login
    • Registered Tulane students choose the Tulane Users login option.
    • All other users choose the Tulane Affiliates login option. 
  • Login to your Canvas course and Locate the assessment.
  • Open the assessment and follow the instructions on the screen to begin.
  • If the instructor is using Respondus Monitor, in addition to LockDown Browser, you may be prompted to set up your webcam to collect information about your testing environment.
  • Begin your online assessment.
  • Click Submit when you have finished the assessment.
  • Exit LockDown Browser.

How do I test my install to make sure it’s working properly? 

If you have installed LockDown browser and would like to test your setup before your actual exam, then you can self-enroll in the Respondus test course to verify. 

Self-Enroll in the Respondus Test My Setup Course

  • Open your regular internet browser and Login to Canvas.
  • Select Courses from the Canvas menu > then select All Courses from the list. 
  • Click the Browse More Courses button to search for a Canvas course. 
  • Type Respondus in the search box and click Search. 
  • The Respondus LockDown Browser course tile should display.
  • Click the Join this Course button from the Respondus course tile and enroll in the course. 
  • Go to your Canvas Dashboard to make sure you are enrolled in the Respondus course.
  • Close out of your normal internet browser. 

Take the Practice Exam 

  • Open LockDown browser and Login to Canvas.
  • Select the Respondus course from your Dashboard. Remember, you need to self-enroll in this course to see it on your Dashboard.
  • Click the link to begin the sample assessment. 
  • Submit the assessment and exit the course.
  • If you were able to access and submit the sample assessment, then you have installed Respondus correctly. 

Student Quick Start Guide PDF [View/Download]