The Canvas Gradebook helps instructors input and distribute grades for students. In order to create a Gradebook column, you will need to create Graded content (i.e. assignments, discussions, quizzes, surveys) and be sure to Publish your graded content.

Only content that is Graded and Published will appear as a column in the Gradebook.

Step One: Create Assignment 

  • Login to your course and select Assignments from the course menu. 
  • Select the +Assignment button located near the top-right of your screen. 

Step Two: Assignment Details

  • Input your Assignment Name in the Assignment Name text area. 
  • Optional: Input your Assignment instructions or other information related to the assignment in the large text area. 
  • Input the total Points available for this assignment in the Points text area. 
  • Select your preferred Assignment Group from the Assignment Group drop-down menu options.
  • Select your preferred Display Grade As option from the drop-down menu options.
  • Select your preferred assignment Submission Type from the drop-down menu options. 
  • Scroll down to the Assign area and input your Assignment Due Date

Step Three: Publish Assignment

  • Select the Save & Publish button to enable this assignment column in the gradebook.
  • Save and Publish makes your assignment visible to students in the course and grades view. 
  • Edit the assignment as needed after it has been published.


How do I create a gradebook column? [View/Download PDF] 

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