Canvas instructors can copy course content from one course into another easily using the Import tool in Canvas. This may be useful in preparation for a new semester (i.e. Fall 2016 to Fall 2017) or multiple course sections (i.e. CNVS-1020-01 and CNVS-1020-02). 

Canvas Course Import Tool

Step One:

  • First, login to the Canvas course you want to copy content INTO.
  • Then select the Settings tab from the course menu navigation.
  • Next, select Import Course Content from the settings menu.
  • Next, select Copy a Canvas Course from the Content Type drop-down menu list
  • In the Search for a Course drop-down menu list, select the course you will copy content FROM.

Step Two:

  • Choose your content:
    • Content > All content – use this option to import all of the content from the prior course.
    • Content > Select specific content – use this option to selectively choose or chunk content to import. 
  • Adjust or remove due dates (optional)
    • Options > Date Adjustment > Shift Dates – use this option to change the course Begin/End dates, this will shift assignment due dates. 
    • Options > Date Adjustment > Remove Dates – use this option to remove all prior assignment due dates. 
    • Options > Date Adjustment > +Substitution – use this option to move the course meeting day of the week.

Step Three:

  • Click Import to begin the Course Copy. 
  • Look at Current Jobs section to view the import status. 
    • Running status – displays the time remaining for the import report.
    • Completed status – displays green if there are no issues and orange if there are any import issues along with a link to view the issues.
    • Failed – displays a link with the specific errors related to the import. 
    • Waiting for Select > displays Select Content button when you’ve chosen to Select Specific Content from the import.