In order to have access to Cognos reports and/or data packages used in writing reports, your manager and the authorized data stewards and departments must grant you appropriate access.  There are primarily two levels of capabilities and licenses for Cognos Analytics: Consumer and Author.  The Consumer role allows for you to be able to execute, read, and schedule reports and dashboards that you have access to.  The Author role has all of the capabilities of a Consumer with the addition of being able to develop ad-hoc, complex, and interactive reports and dashboards from packages and data models.

At Tulane, we currently have two separate Cognos environments: Student and Finance.  Before you can use the Reporting System, you must be granted access to the Cognos systems. Below are the forms that needs to be filled out with the proper authorizations.  Once we receive the completed forms, we will sequester for your access by getting additional approvals from the appropriate data stewards. Once approved, we will follow-up with the login details.