Turnitin Feedback Studio, or simply Turnitin, is a tool that can be used within your Canvas courses to provide formative feedback for your students and also check originality within assignment submissions. Turnitin cannot be used for group assignments as an external tool. 

Turnitin Feedback Studio in Canvas is the replacement for SafeAssign, which was formerly used in Blackboard.

Turnitin Feedback Studio for Instructors
How do I create a Turnitin assignment in Canvas?

The Turnitin originality tool is integrated with the Canvas LMS. The Turnitin tool can be used to create assignments that will provide integrity-checking and actionable feedback for students.

Turnitin is an External Tool within Canvas LMS and can be utilized when a new Turnitin assignment has been created.

  • Login to your Canvas course.
  • Navigate to the assignment content area.
  • Create a new assignment (+Assignment)
  • Edit the assignment details, point value, assignment group and submission type.
  • Under External Tool Options, click inside the External Tool URL text box and select Turnitin from the Configure External Tool menu.
  • Modify the Assignment Options as needed.
  • Choose Submit
  • Save and Publish the assignment.

Turnitin Guide_Canvas (Download PDF)

This video will explain how to create a Turnitin assignment within your Canvas course.

How do I create a Turnitin Direct Submit assignment?

Instructors that would like to use Turnitin Feedback Studio, separate from their Canvas course, will need to create a Turnitin Instructor Account through the Turnitin web portal. Please submit a request to obtain the Turnitin Instructor Account information from Tulane’s Help Desk: support.tulane.edu or by email at courses@tulane.edu. 

Turnitin Feedback Studio for Students
How do I submit a Turnitin assignment?

Student Guide
[Canvas LMS]

Some instructors may choose to use Turnitin [Feedback Studio] to collect assignment submissions within Canvas. Students submitting assignments using Turnitin can Upload their file directly to the assignment.

To Submit Your Assignments:

  1. Select the assignment that needs a submission.
  2. Click the Upload Submission button.
  3. Select a file to upload and click Continue.
  4. Once your file has uploaded, click Accept Submission & Save.
  5. Wait until you see the Submission uploaded successfully message.


Troubleshooting Steps:

Cannot Upload Submission
[The due date for this assignment has passed and late submissions are not allowed.] This message indicates the assignment submission due date/time has passed and you can no longer submit a file for upload.


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