ShareStream is a media platform designed specifically for education. ShareStream supports academic videos, audio files and media for content sharing and video collaboration within courses and via shared links. Media collections and assets are managed by the instructor and can be easily copied between courses without additional uploading. Students can upload video projects assignments easily using the Dropbox. Enable Sharestream Pick-n-Play in your Canvas course navigation to begin using this tool. Use ShareStream MediaManager for more extensive media management and permissions. 

ShareStream Media within Canvas
How do I upload and share media content using ShareStream?

ShareStream Pick n’ Play

ShareStream Pick n’ Play tool can be used to share both video and audio files with your students within the context of your class in the LMS.  [Before you begin, you will need to enable ShareStream Pick n’ Play in your course navigation.]

Step 1:

  • Log in to your Canvas course and choose ShareStream Pick n’ Play from the course navigation menu.
  • Click My Workspace tab on the top right of the ShareStream window.
  • Click the Upload Media menu link.
  • Click the green bar to Select your Media for upload.
  • Input a Media Title and edit the description as needed.
  • Click the Add Media button. [Depending on your file size, the media upload may take a few moments.

Step 2:

  • Return to the My Workspace tab to view the upload progress of your video.
  • Be patient, the file size of your media will determine the processing time required to transcode/render the media ready.
  • When the video upload is complete, click the check box to select the video.
  • Choose Add to Course menu link.
  • The selected media file is added to the Course Collection tab for students to view in your course.
Video: How to Upload and Share media content

How do I enable ShareStream in my Canvas course?

ShareStream Pick n’ Play tool can be used to share both video and audio files with your students within the context of your class in the LMS.

Once you have enabled ShareStream Pick n’ Play in your course navigation, you can begin Upload and Share media content.

  • Login to Canvas and navigate to Settings > Navigation tab.canvas_sharestream_img
  • Listed are the navigation content areas available with Canvas.
  • Locate ShareStream Pick-n-Play item from the hidden items list.
  • Click the drop-down arrow next to this item and select Enable.
  • The ShareStream Pick-n-Play tool is enabled and visible in the course navigation.
  • Click Save to apply your menu changes.
  • Click ShareStream Pick-n-Play from your course menu (at left).
  • In the Pick-n-Play menu, select Yes or No to import media files and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Click Proceed to continue.
  • The Pick-n-Play tool is now available within your course.


Download PDF Guide

This video will explain the steps required to enable ShareStream Pick-n-Play and MediaManager within Canvas.







How do I choose ShareStream as an external tool in my course?

External Tools from the Modules Content Menu

  • From the Modules tab within your course, select “+” to add module content.
  • Select External Tool from the Add Content menu.
  • Select ShareStream Media Tools from the list of options.
  • Click Display All Files and Select your media from the list.
  • Be sure to Publish the media content in Modules.


Other Ways to use ShareStream Media within Canvas

Other Ways to Use ShareStream Media within Canvas

Pick n’ Play is the most frequently used method of sharing media content within your Canvas course. But you can also link ShareStream media through the external tool linkages.

External Tools from the Rich Text Content Menu

  • From the Rich Text Content Menu, select the “V” icon to see More External Tools.
  • Select ShareStream Course Media (Embed) from the menu list.
  • Click Display All Files to view all available media files within your course and select the media to embed.


ShareStream in Canvas Modules

ShareStream in Canvas Toolbar Menu