Faculty Guide

In order for your students to see your course in Canvas, you will need to publish your course. You can publish your course in the Course Home Page sidebar. Click the Publish icon. When your course is published, students will be able to see all of the published content and menu navigation you’ve setup in your course.

How do I publish a course?

What are semester Terms and how do those dates affect my course when it is published?

Each course is identified by a Term based on the semester terms. For example, 2017 Spring, 2017 Fall, 2017, LAS Summer 1, LAS Summer 2, etc. The dates for each terms are based on the University’s academic calendar. For example, spring 2017 classes begin Jan. 17, 2017. So the start of the 2017 Spring term is Jan. 17, 2017. 

How does the semester Term affect my published course?

If your course is in the 2017 Spring term and you have Published your course, then students can see the course starting one week before Jan. 17, 2017.

If you publish your course before the official start of the semester, then you will need to edit the course settings. If you publish your course on or after the start of the semester, then no additional steps are needed. 

How can I change the course start date so that students can see my course when it is published?

In your Canvas course, select Settings from the course menu. In the Settings tab, edit the Start and End date as desired. Then check to select the box Users can only participate in the course between these dates. Be sure select Update Course Details to apply your settings. Be sure to Publish your course.