What is Respondus LockDown Browser?

Respondus LockDown Browser is a secure browser app used for taking tests on Canvas. LockDown Browser prevents students from printing, copying, visiting other URLs, or accessing other applications during an online assessment. If a Canvas quiz/assessment requires that LockDown Browser, students cannot take the test with a standard web browser like Chrome or Firefox. The LockDown browser should only be used for taking online assessments within Canvas. 

What do I need to do to use LockDown browser for my assessment?

Instructors should already have an online exam/assessment setup in their Canvas course before applying LockDown browser. As a best practice, we recommend including or requiring students to take a practice quiz using Respondus LockDown browser with a graded exam prior to the actual exam date.

Apply LockDown browser to My Canvas Assessment

  • Create the online assessment in your Canvas course.
  • Select LockDown Browser from your course menu.
  • Locate the quiz from those listed and choose the arrow to Modify Settings.
  • Select the radio button to Require LockDown Browser for this exam.
  • Modify the Advanced Settings as needed.
  • If Respondus Monitor will also be used, select the radio button and modify settings as needed.
  • Save and Close the Respondus settings.

Setting up a Practice Exam

You can inform students in your class to either Self-enroll in the Respondus Test My Setup course on Canvas or you can create a graded practice quiz in your course. Because students must install LockDown browser, we recommend all setup and testing is completed before the day of the actual exam. For more details on how this works, visit Respondus Resources > Start with a Practice Exam section.

How do I inform students how to install LockDown browser and to self-enroll in the Respondus Test My Setup course?

You can share this link with students in your course at the start of the semester or anytime before you know you will deploy an exam requiring Respondus LockDown browser.

LINK: http://guide.tulane.edu/2017/11/06/how-do-i-setup-respondus-lockdown-browser-to-take-my-exam-online/ 

Respondus Frequently Asked Questions

How do we install LockDown browser? 

In most cases, students will download and install LockDown Browser on their own machines. The initial install can take several minutes depending on the user’s computer. If an assessment is setup to use LockDown Browser, the student will be prompted to install this software before they can take the exam. 

If you are an IT manager and need to deploy LockDown Browser to an entire room of computers in a lab or classroom setting, please contact ftl@tulane.edu to obtain the lab install files. 

When should students install Respondus LockDown Browser? 

Make sure students know well in advance that they must use Respondus LockDown Browser to take an online exam. This is especially important if students are required to install Respondus LockDown Browser on their own computer. Students can download and install Respondus at any time during the semester and in preparation for any future online exams via Tulane’s Canvas LMS.

Can I edit the name of the assessment after it’s been set up to use LockDown browser? 

If it is necessary to change the name of the assessment after it has been set up to use LockDown Browser, you can simply disable the LockDown Browser requirement, edit the test name, and then re-enable the LockDown Browser requirement. Or, if you edit the name of the test inadvertently, you will see a button in the LockDown Browser Dashboard that reads, ERROR or FIX IT. Simply click that button to restore the LockDown Browser setting. Visit Respondus Resources website for more details. 

I don’t see LockDown browser on my course menu. How can I enable LockDown Browser on my course menu?

Respondus LockDown Browser is enabled by default in your Canvas course navigation. Select LockDown Browser from the course menu and apply the desired settings for your assessment. You can enable/disable this tool at any time by editing the course Settings > Navigation tab in your course. 

How do I know if the LockDown browser settings are set correctly?

To confirm that an assessment will require students to use Respondus LockDown browser:
Log in to your Canvas course > click Settings from course menu > select the Student View button > navigate to your assessment in the course and attempt to begin the assessment. You should be unable to begin the assessment if everything is set correctly.

Is there a cost associated with Respondus LockDown Browser?

Tulane is licensed to use Respondus LockDown browser for use in areas of activity related to teaching, research, and public service. Tulane also is also licensed for Respondus Monitor to secure identification and environment information from remote users in a non-proctored environment. Licensed Respondus Monitor seats are limited to one student each per course. 

Respondus, Inc. offers instructor training’s throughout the year. The webinar provides a good introduction to Respondus. An up-to-date webinar schedule can be found at www.respondus.com/webinars. If you would like to request a training session with your group or 1:1, please submit a request through Tulane’s Help Desk or email ftl@tulane.edu. For more information about Respondus and related tools, please visit Respondus.com.

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