Faculty Guide

McGraw-Hill Connect is a web-based assignment and assessment tool that helps you connect students to their coursework that is directly related to the textbooks and publisher material used in the course.


How do I enable McGraw-Hill Connect in my Canvas course?

Enable McGraw-Hill Connect

If you would like to use McGraw-Hill’s Connect tool within your Canvas course, you will need to enable Connect in your course navigation.

Step 1:

  • Login to your Canvas course and click Settings from the course menu.
  • Select the Navigation tab from course settings.
  • Enable McGraw-Hill Connect in your course navigation menu. Click the gear for this item, and choose Enable.
  • Be sure to Save the navigation changes.

Step 2:

  • Return to the course menu and click McGraw-Hill Connect.
  • Click Authorize to register a connection between McGraw-Hill Connect and Canvas.
  • Follow the steps to Register and Pair your course as prompted on the next several registration screens.
  • Note: You will need you login with your McGraw-Hill Connect account or register a New account if you haven’t already created one.

Step 3:

Why didn't my student's grade pass back from Connect to Canvas?

If a student submits an assessment after the due date, the grade will not automatically pass back to the Canvas grade book. The attempt record and related score will be visible within Connect.

If you would like to add the score back to Canvas, then you will need to modify the assignment due date or apply a due date extension for the individual student with McGraw-Hill Connect for the assignment.




Where can I find tutorials and more information about using McGraw-Hill Connect?

More robust tutorials and information, specifically about McGraw-Hill Connect, can be found from the Connect Training Portal.