Scantron forms can be used collect exam answers or questionnaire responses. The completed forms can be read using the Scantron iNSIGHT 4 ES scanner with Remark Classic OMR® software located in the Faculty Technology Lab.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN:    Make sure the forms you are planning to use are compatible with the scanner used to read the forms.

  • Go to > choose Forms from the menu > choose Remark Classic OMR® from the list > choose Answer Sheets from the list > select the type of sheet you would like to use from the list of compatible forms.


 View/Download Guide [PDF]

Step One: Login and setup form template for answer sheets

  • Login to the scanner computer with your Tulane username/password.
  • Open Remark Classic OMR software from the desktop.
  • Locate the Template navigation tab and choose Open Other Templates.
  • Browse to the folder My Documents > Remark Classic OMR > Templates > Scantron > OMR-Image > select the answer sheet form number from the list. [Note: This form will appear in your Template tab recent list after your first-time use; so you will not need to search for it next time.]

Step Two: Load and Read answer sheets

  • Load your answer sheets into the scanner, with the answer key on top.
  • Locate the Data navigation tab and choose Read from the menu.
  • The Read window will open and you can modify any settings prior to scanning, if necessary.
  • Click the READ button to begin scanning.
  • If you have to scan additional forms that correspond to this answer key, continue scanning. If not, click Finish.

Step Three: Review and save graded results

  • Click the Quick Grade button to score the answer sheets.
  • The answer sheet results are displayed in Quick Stats window.
  • Locate the Reports tab and select from the various reports available or build your own report.
  • You can Export the results for additional analysis.
  • Choose Export Report from the menu and select your preferred output format.
  • Locate the Data tab to analyze the data and export.
  • View a list of the available types of reports > Scantron Remark Classic OMR Reports

Note: In addition to reports, the graded Scantron data can also be saved as an export file to be imported to your Canvas course gradebook. From the Data tab, select Export Gradebook; then choose Gradebook format – Canvas LMS.