Faculty Guide

If you plan to use Turning Point Cloud to capture classroom audience participation and feedback, you will first need to download and install the latest version of the Turning Point Cloud (TPC) software. Students can purchase TPC licenses and clickers from the TU Bookstore or online. The TPC license can be used with both clickers and ResponseWare.

Steps to create a Turning Point account:

  • Create Turning Point Cloud account [refer to Guide].
  • Login to Turning Account and locate Downloads from the menu > choose PC or Mac version and follow the installation instructions.
  • Open Turning Point Cloud on your computer and login with the account.

Steps to setup Participant List for use with Turning Point:

  • Open Turning Point Cloud, enter your username and click Sign In.
  • The Turning Point Cloud Dashboard opens, select the Manage tab. 
  • Select Participant List > then select New from the drop-down menu. 
  • Choose the Download from Integration radio button > then select Create List. 
  • Choose the Canvas option for Integration > input the server address: https://tulane.turningtechnologies.com > then select Connect. 
  • The Tulane Login window opens > input your Tulane username and password and sign in.
  • Click Authorize to allow the integration between Canvas and Turning Point. 
  •  Select the courses to import from your available courses > select Import. 
  • Turning Point Cloud has successfully imported (n) participant lists > click Ok. 
  • You should see the new participant list in the Manage tab for the class. 
  • To update your participant list after the initial setup, select the Manage tab > click the Update button.