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This page is intended to help students who are in a course that uses Canvas LMS.

The Canvas Help guide is most often referred to in the links contained here. If you need additional assistance, click the Help (?) icon
link inside Canvas. This Help icon will direct you to all available help channels. canvas help icon



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Canvas Overview

Watch this Canvas Overview for Students to learn more about the Canvas user interface.

Canvas Video Tour

To learn more about Canvas, you can also watch the complete Canvas Video Tour series or view specific topics below.

Technology Requirements

Basic Navigation

Get Email and Texts from Canvas

Set your preferences to get notifications of assignment due dates and other course announcements on email or text message.

Course Elements
Online Reference Guides

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Why isn't my class listed in the Dashboard?

After you have logged into Canvas, the Dashboard displays the courses in which you are enrolled. If you have registered for a class and do not see it listed in your Canvas dashboard, there may be a couple of reasons.

  • Check with your professor. Make sure the course is published. If the course is not published, you will not see it in your Canvas Dashboard. Also, if the start date for the course hasn’t arrived, you may see the course but not be able to enter the course.
  • Check your schedule. When you register for your course, there is a slight delay from the time you register to the time the course appears in your Canvas Dashboard.
  • If you have registered for the course AND have waited at least 24 hours after registration AND checked with the professor on the status of the course, please create a support ticket to resolve your issue.
Contact Support

Just can’t find what you are looking for? We are here to help. Please visit to chat real-time with a Tulane support agent or input a support request with your details. You can also phone 504-862-8888.