This guide will explain how to copy your programmed test from Blackboard into MS Word. This may be useful if you need to edit the test or administer the test as a paper exam instead of electronically.

  • Login to your Blackboard course.
  • Navigate to the Content Area where your exam is located.
  • Click on the exam link to open the exam.
  • Then click Begin to start the exam.
  • At the top of the exam, notice “Preview Test”. You are in preview mode.
  • Using your mouse or keyboard commands, highlight/select the text that you would like to copy.
  • When you have selected everything that you would like to transfer to Word, choose the mouse or keyboard command to Copy the text.
  • Open a document in Word and use the mouse or keyboard command to Paste Special.
  • The exam content has been transferred from Blackboard to Word.
  • Edit content as needed.