This guide will introduce the steps required to embed YouTube videos into Blackboard.

  • Login to your Blackboard course.
  • Navigate to the Content Area where the YouTube video will be located.
  • Select Build Content from the menu and choose Item from the list of options.
  • In the Item Name field, type a name to reference your video.
  • Navigate to the Text field box and choose the HTML button.
    • Expand/collapse the text toolbar from the arrows at the right of the text box if you cannot see the HTML button
  • In a separate browser window, copy the embed code from YouTube (Share > Embed > copy embed code)
  • In the Blackboard HTML window, paste the embed code for your video and click Update.
  • The video window is embedded in the text field.
  • Modify any additional settings and click Submit when you are ready to apply the changes.
  • Your video is now embedded as an Item in your course.