In some cases, students are permitted to take an exam more than one time within a Blackboard course.

Users should follow the steps listed below to locate the link to retake a test in Blackboard.

  • Login to Blackboard.
  • Locate the course where the test can be found.
  • Navigate to the content area where the test is located.
  • Click on the test link to open the test.
  • Click “Begin” to retake the test.
  • At the Test previously taken screen, locate the words “or take the Test again”.
  • Click on the words “or take the Test again” to start the test retake.
  • Note: Clicking on OK at this screen will display the results of the first attempt instead of initiating the retake.

Image|Test previously taken

Watch the following video to learn how you can locate the link and retake your test.